Friday, February 27, 2015

65th Street Cocktail (Redux)

65th Street Cocktail. Oil on panel, 12" x 12".

Like a few other paintings for this book, the first effort or two didn't quite hit the mark. But deja vu smacked me upside the head as I started this post. Then it dawned---the first painting is already posted here. Awkward-ish. But this was the first drink I painted for Mixology With a Twist, and it had not occurred that I would get so damned picky.

So much happier with this one! I imagine it as Curtis Day's view as he makes his signature cocktail at Casper Fry. Oddly, I didn't tell the story of this drink in the original post. The night we met Curtis, he told us that his girlfriend lived on 65th street in NYC. But the very next day, she was moving here and they would be together. So cool! 

Happy for him, happy with the final piece. Joy.


  1. Sheila, that is a fabulous painting. The reflections of color, the perspective. It is so compelling. If it will be featured in your next Mixology book, then I look forward to getting a copy.

  2. Thank you Bryan! Yes, it is one of the paintings for Mixology With a Twist.