Thursday, February 26, 2015

Between the Devil and the Deep

Between the Devil and the Deep. Oil on panel, 8" x 8". 

Between the Devil and the Deep is the first original Kristi Gamble drink I ever tasted. It is also one of the most beautiful drinks I have seen. The lovely coral color combined with Kristi's gorgeous lemon rose garnish are stunning. I didn't do it justice, but gave it my best three tries. If I had a job which required making lemon roses all night, I would be fired. It's so much tougher than it looks!

As I collect recipes from around the Northwest, I'm finding that Spokane bartenders are much kinder in their use of ingredients. That is to say, they use (mostly) things I can actually get without a road trip or an operating loan to cover shipping costs. 

This drink took a little extra effort, but it was a) not that difficult, and b) worth it. Rhubarb bitters came from Pearl Specialty in Portland, and I made my own Falernum. Falernum---a syrup made with cloves, almonds, ginger, lime, sugar and rum---is my new obsession. Here is the recipe.

And here is a photo of Kristi's beautiful lemon rose.

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