Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cosmo-Poppies (A Daily Painting)

Cosmo-Poppies. Oil on panel, 6" x 6".

Wow. I have been knocked so hard out of my groove, my head is spinning.

Starting in December, a series of events so foul, so utterly distracting, left me wondering if I even remember how to paint.

First, trouble with a big commission led to a bloody eye (stress) and then the flu for the holidays… then a few false starts on Mixology illustrations… then the discovery that I have been the victim of artistic identity theft sucked another week or two away and led to another cold. Enough!

Before starting work on Mixology #1, I did daily paintings for a month to get warmed up for the real deal. I guess that is how it will have to be again. So above is my first daily painting, Cosmo-Poppies.

At least, during the grim painting hiatus, a fat packet of flocked wallpaper samples arrived from Design Your I'm in love with the giant purple poppies!

To the easel, and onward.

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