Monday, February 23, 2015

Golden Stonefly

Golden Stonefly. Oil on panel, 12" x 12".

Back in the groove, for a bit, at least. This piece was fun. Golden Stonefly is a drink invented by bartender Kristi Gamble, currently at Durkin's Liquor Bar in Spokane. She created it at the request of Spokane's own Dry Fly Distilling to showcase their award-winning vodka.

The last set of paintings for the vintage cocktail book proved enjoyable due largely to fun deco patterns and old barware. Conveniently, many new cocktail bars have an old-school look, so I can still get out my vintage yah-yahs. Durkins, for example, is all flocked wallpaper, subway and hex tile, antique-looking coupes and chandeliers.

As with all the book paintings, this one is reserved for a book release exhibit this fall. But there are similar paintings available now on Daily Paintworks.

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