Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ruby Fizz, and Book Release!

Ruby Fizz. Oil on panel, 12" x 12". Sold.

Jinkies! The book release party is day after tomorrow! 

Everything is ready to go, except hanging the show itself. Paintings are varnished and framed, postcards and emails sent, and books are here waiting for their new homes. Since the release is only two days away, I've gone ahead and made books available for online ordering now. Print copies can be delivered in as few as five days, and there is even a wee mobile version to turn your phone into a classic cocktail recipe book! 

I forgot to post this painting when I made it. Ruby Fizz was a really interesting drink, with a cotton-candy texture, and the rich, dried-berry flavor of sloe gin. The most fun part of the painting was the shaker, which mysteriously appeared in the brewery office one day along with another shaker in the shape of a polar bear. It turns out the shakers belong to a couple of friends (and animal lovers) who are regulars at at the taproom. Since the penguin is a spin on vintage shaker designs, and it arrived just before my last planned painting, I was happy to feature it in the vintage drink book. 

The polar bear is a totally modern design, though, so it will have to wait for the next book. I hope Fred and Royln can stand to be without their silver pets for a while longer!

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