Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year, New Drinks!

Richard serves his new creation to Amy, Tod, Kate, Paul, Tom and Teya.
2015 is here, and after a season of parties and a holiday week of flu, I am so ready to get back to work! Not that I've completely slacked off---plans are underway for a second book. I hope to publish Mixology With a Twist: The Art of Modern Cocktails in November. And, I've been busy collecting recipes.

"With a Twist" will feature all new recipes invented by Northwest bartenders as well as by some talented friends. One of the drinks, the Blackbeer'd, a delicious concoction of navy-proof rum, whiskey and stout, was created by our friend Richard Vander Wende (pictured above). 

And there's more on the way from Spokane bartenders including Curtis Day, Alison Collins and Kristi Gamble, as well as something special from Ryan at Izakaya Meiji Company in Eugene. 

Now all I need to do is start painting! And drinking.

Clockwise from top left: a pre-lunch tasting session at Boots; Curtis Day's 65th Street Cocktail; Alison Collins tests a new drink; a beautiful garnish by Kristi Gamble.

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