Thursday, August 7, 2014


Original oil on panel, 12" x 12". Sold.

Born in a 1953 Ian Fleming novel, Vesper is the "newest" drink featured in my book. I decided to include it because 1. it is a delicious drink and 2. it gave me an excuse to paint Paul's awesome mid-century-esque rocket shaker. 

Just like its namesake in Casino Royale, Vesper the painting proved a bit treacherous. The Lillet label was a beast, but since it looks like it hasn't changed in 100 years and I like that, I persisted. I even switched out one of the shot glasses in frustration halfway through. The new shot glass ended up looking much better in the end. I love how it reflects the lemon's cute little pointy butt.

We tested this recipe at the home of our friends Richard and Kate Vander Wende. They are both artists with a fascinating history in the film industry. Kate inspired me to start daily painting, and went with me to the Carol Marine workshop that kicked this project off.

Richard made the drinks for Vesper and Martini night. He got it all right the first time, no tweaking required. Since they provided the drinks, I made dinner. I had no idea what to make for martinis, so I started looking up appetizer pairings. Naturally, everything was olives and salty, so I made a puttanesca. Not a great puttanesca, mind you, but the pairing was solid.

Richard, Paul, Kate and Tom enjoy a Vesper Martini

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